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Volkswagen Passat Hubcaps

Set of Four 14 inch Universal Volkswagen Jetta,Golf and Passat Style Hubcaps - Wheel Covers

Volkswagen Passat Hubcaps

This is a set of (4) four 14" universal style full-faced hubcaps that are designed to go on vehicles with 14" steel wheels.

These are not used factory hubcaps, they are brand new replica hubcaps. A replica or reproduction wheel cover is manufactured to closely resemble a factory original equipment hubcap at a fraction of the cost. 

Our replica hubcaps run up to 75% less than the factory hubcaps from a dealer

Please keep in mind that this cap is not an original equipment hubcap so if you are looking to replace one of your factory hubcaps there will be some slight differences. If you would prefer we do have used factory hubcaps available at great prices.

These hubcaps will work on virtually all vehicles with 14" steel wheels regardless of make, model, or year.

These hubcaps will fit your vehicle if:

Your vehicle currently has hubcaps. Your hubcaps are not secured by lug nuts. Your tire size is 14"

When checking tire size it's not necessary to measure anything. All tires have a "size series" printed on them that contains the wheel/rim size. The last two digits following the R denote your wheel/rim size. If you are unsure of your rim/wheel size please refer to the diagram on the "size matters" page

Part Number: 551-14

Retail Price: $ 64.69
Savings : $9.70
Your Price : $54.99


Volkswagen Passat Hubcaps - Volkswagen Passat Hub Caps

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